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A few diaper accessories can make cloth diapering much easier.

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Cloth Wipes

No need to spend money on disposable wipes; cloth wipes are easy.  Just toss them in with the diapers to wash.  Use cheap washcloths from Walmart, make your own from terry or flannel, or purchase luxuriously soft and absorbent wipes from many cloth diaper makers.  You can wet them with plain water, or use a wipes solution you make yourself or purchase.

Diaper Liners

Disposable liners make messes easier to clean up; just remove and dispose.  Either cloth or disposable liners are useful for protecting diaper fabric from skin medications or other creams.


Most diaper creams will coat cloth diapers and be difficult to wash out, ruining the absorbency of the fabric.  However, Northern Essence does offer all-natural products that protect and heal tender skin, and are safe to use with cloth diapers.

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Wet Bags

Wet bags are indispensable.  Large wet bags made from PUL, the same fabric used on most diaper covers, will fit in a standard trash can for stashing dirty diapers until wash day.  Smaller bags for outings can be tossed in the diaper bag to neatly zip messes away until home.  The Cloth Diaper Company offers Wahmies wetbags in beautiful prints and practical sizes.

Diaper Sprayers

While modern cloth diapers with microfleece or suedecloth actually clean up very easily — just shake messes over the toilet, no dunking — many parents love diaper sprayers.  These are just like the sprayer on a kitchen sink, only they attach to the water supply for the toilet.  Simply hold the diaper by a clean, dry corner and spray off the mess.  The Potty Pail is a comprehensive system with optional accessories.

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